a Swimming Machine for
existing pools

The Swimstream 48V swim machine transforms your existing pool into a full-fledged countercurrent pool. It is designed so that it can be installed in any pool with a straight wall.

Like all other Swimstream® models, the 48V is characterized by wide, even water flow (sans eddies and hard jets) and adjustable speed. The propeller-generated water stream is guided through an exceptionally large discharge nozzle. This is about 150x - you read it right - larger than a conventional "jet."

In the video below, PSV athlete Kim Busch demonstrates SWIMSTREAM 48V:



25 years of experience, development and refinement have ensured that SWIMSTREAM swim machines excel with particularly good water flow. With ingenious internals and large outlet nozzles, all standard models move an unprecedented amount of water: more than 1.2 MILLION liters of water (1,200 m3) per hour!

Because the flow rate is controlled from the pool, one can also swim(/play/practice) in a slow stream of a large amount of water. Swimstream generates a wide, even flow of water. WITHOUT annoying swirls and harsh jets. Perfect for exercise and fun, as well as serious endurance and sprint training.

1+ MILLION liters of water per hour!

Swimstream generates a laminar water flow of over 1,200m3 per hour!

That's 15x more than a jet stream system and significantly more than turbine systems.

Superior water flow

Thanks to a sophisticated interior and large outlet nozzles, you will float on a shallow ('laminar'), wide and deep waterflow.

Without annoying swirls and noisy nozzles.

Nozzles and turbines create a waterjet - tending to turbulence - through an outlet of only 5-15cm.

Adjustable speed

The speed of the swim current is adjustable from the pool. From a rippling brook to a strong flowing river!

You can also swim against a slow stream with a large volume of water.

Perfect for exercise and fun, but also for serious endurance and sprint training.