Barth Ninaber van Eyben: Product developer

Barth Ninaber van Eyben 'One should be able to swim in the privacy of one's own home, 365 days a year,' believes Barth Ninaber van Eyben, developer of SWIMSTREAM countercurrent swimming machines. 'But most of us don't have enough space indoors for a pool large enough to actually swim laps.'

Flowing water offers a solution. After all, with flowing water, one can swim endlessly without hitting sides. And so Ninaber van Eyben developed his own ingenious swimming machine, of the highest quality, with the largest (adjustable) water displacement, in different colors and stainless steel.

'Swimstream offers perfect therapy for people with muscle or joint complaints, conditions such as MS and rheumatism, and many other physical problems. The buoyancy reduces the pressure on all joints. Of course, our swimming machines are ideally suited for serious sports training. And just for swimming fun, of course!

'The problem in this industry is that everyone works from the point of view of a merchant. With Swimstream I work from a much more creative perspective. We make a product according to the needs and possibilities of the client. And that is usually not a standard design!"

In addition to realizing of custom counterflow pools, SWIMSTREAM supplies its high-quality countercurrent technology to third parties. Ask about it with your pool builder!

Barth Lijsten

In der Vergangenheit war Barth Ninaber van Eyben Entwickler der weltweit konkurrenzlosen BARTH Patentwechselrahmen und stand an der Wiege der renommierten Rahmenfabrik in Boxtel. Klicken Sie hier für weitere Informationen