For more than 25 years...
...superior counterflow technology
...relaxation, fun, health, rehabilitation and (top) sports
...Swimming, down to the smallest spaces.

1+ MILLION liters of water per hour!

Swimstream generates a laminar water flow of over 1,200m3 per hour!

That's 15x more than a jet stream system and significantly more than turbine systems.

Superior water flow

Thanks to a sophisticated interior and large outlet nozzles, you will float on a shallow ('laminar'), wide and deep waterflow.

Without annoying swirls and noisy nozzles.

Nozzles and turbines create a waterjet - tending to turbulence - through an outlet of only 5-15cm.

Adjustable speed

The speed of the swim current is adjustable from the pool. From a rippling brook to a strong flowing river!

You can also swim against a slow stream with a large volume of water.

Perfect for exercise and fun, but also for serious endurance and sprint training.

Swimstream is suitable for salt water

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